We're LIVE!

If you've found this post you've found Cyber Fix. At Cyber Fix we're committed to fixing your devices quickly and cheaply. Our Apple Specialist engineering team know every inch of your machine. Not to mention that we're fully trained to fix your machines right down to a component level (that's very small!) making your bill for liquid & surge damage much cheaper. 

We offer a free nationwide service for all of Mac Repairs. Not to mention our excellent local services covering the West Midlands. We offer a full range of services for all of your devices from iPhone Screens to Data recovery, there is nothing we can't do. 

We love that we do our little bit to stop some of your devices ending up in landfill, as we become more and more aware of E-Waste issues our job becomes more and more important.

Serving the West Midlands and beyond we hope that you're experience with us will be great one, and that we can breath some life back into your broken devices.

Our process usually takes up to 5 working days (excluding weekends), we normally get your device back quicker. If we're shipping your device this can add an extra couple of days to your turnaround.

Once we have your device we will run a full 15 point diagnosis testing every function to ensure that you get the full picture when you get sent a quote. If you choose to proceed with the work then we'll get your work in our jobs queues or any parts ordered. If choose not to go ahead with the work quoted then we will reassemble the machine and have it ready collect as early as possible. Diagnosis is free of charge.

Once the device is repaired, we can get the machine back to you. We will issue the invoice for the quoted work and once paid (either in-store or online). Then you collect your machine or we can get it shipped back.

After there work is done provide a 6 month warranty on all work we complete. So even after we're finished with your device we're there to look after it.

If you've enjoyed reading about us and what we do and have a broken device, you can get in touch here, INFO@CYBERFIX.CO.UK. Or if you're ready to book in then you can at Book Now (cyberfix.co.uk).