Machine Running SLow?

We offer SSD & upgrades for machines of all ages, giving even the most tired of machines a new lease of life.

Water damage

Accidents happen, that's why we offer liquid damage repair on all of your precious devices., right down to the component level (that's really small!)

Not powering on

A fix we offer on all devices, right from an iPhone to an iMac and everything in-between. 

Poor battery life

Especially on older iPhones and MacBooks this repair can really give your device a new lease of life, iPhone batteries start from £45.

Cracked screen 

One we do most commonly on iPads and MacBooks, a very expensive device to replace, much cheaper to fix. 

DATA recovery 

A service we offer on all devices from a liquid damaged iPhone to an external hard drive you've accidentally erased. We can almost always help. 


Our simple yet effective solution give your home the WIFI you need, with installation of our state of the art mesh network we can ensure that your internet reaches every corner of your home.
refurbished devices

Cheaper but just as good, we off refurbished devices, as good a quality as a new item with the same warranty, get in touch to see what we have in stock. 

Let's get started 

Book in now, we can get the process started. 

OUR Promises 
  • Free Diagnosis 
  • No Fix No Fee
  • 6 Month Warranty
  • 15 Point Pre and Post Repair QC
  • High Quality Parts
  • Free Nation Wide Shipping (Outside West Midlands)
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